Electromechanical Equipment

A wide range of engineering equipments for water, electricity, agricultural and construction applications - generator sets, pumps, motors, cables, valves, pressure vessels, etc.


Diesel Generating Sets from 30kVA to 2000kVA- Standard and sound proof versions;
Industrial Engines for fire pumps, agricultural and construction equipment.
Made in Italy.

Diesel & Gasoline Engine driven gensets up to 30kVA.
Portable, compact skid mounted & sound proof versions.
Made in italy.

Largest electric motor manufacturer in Latin America and one of the top worldwide.
Extensive line of UL listed motors form low power up to 22,000 KW.
Made in Brazil.


Foras is a renowned manufacturer of monobloc centrifugal electric pumps.
Horizontal / Vertical axis pumps from 0.55hp to 50hp.
Available in wide range of models- peripheral, self priming, stainless steel jet,
Deep suction self priming, single impeller,
Open impeller, twin impeller, multistage and Portable.
Made in Italy.


Renowned makers of self priming pumps of simple design, rugged and reliable construction, ease of maintenance.
Positive displacement rotary pumps for liquids of any viscosity;
Centrifugal pumps for liquids with solids;
Diaphragm pumps for sludge and abrasive liquids;
Pumps for construction applications.
Made in Italy.

Stainless steel multistage submersible electric pumps.
Suitable for 4" and 6" wells.
Can be used for agricultural, industrial and domestic applications,
even in sandy ground and aggressive waters.
From 5.5hp till 50hp.
Made in Italy.


Single stage & multi stage end section centrifugal pumps and
Vertical line shaft turbine pumps.
For agricultural, water and industrial applications.
Made in Italy.

Pressure vessels suitable for cold and hot water applications.
Made in Turkey.

Submersible Rubber Cables and a wide range of general purpose cables.
Made in Italy.

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